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How can regular maintenance increase the lifespan of your trailer tyres?

Fri, 27 May 2022 | PRODUCTS


With tractors capable of 50, 60 or even 70km/hr now commonplace In modern agriculture, trailers and the trailer tyres with which they are fitted often travel at far higher speeds than they did just a few years ago, while as farm sizes have grown, they commonly travel much further too. While the design of modern trailer tyres has advanced considerably to help meet the challenges of these more demanding conditions, such workloads obviously place greater demands on trailer tyres, and potentially higher wear rates. So what can you do to maximise the lifespan of your trailer tyres and delay for as long as possible the need to start searching for ’trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, or read through trailer tyres’ price lists?

1. Regularly monitor trailer tyre pressures and adjust them as necessary

Pressure checks should, of course, be part of regular servicing of any vehicle or implement fitted with pneumatic tyres. While the tyres fitted to many machines are subject to a generally constant load, trailer tyres in particular are subject to significantly varying loads according to whether or not the trailer is laden. If operated at below the recommended pressure for any length of time they will not only be unsafe, potentially affecting braking and even the adherence of the trailer tyre’s bead to the wheel rim, but will be subject to a number of issues that will reduce their lifespan, including uneven wear, physical carcase damage and excessive heating that may cause the tyre to delaminate and lose its tread.

2. Check wheel nuts daily

In addition to the obvious danger surrounding the potential detachment of a wheel from the trailer, wheel nuts that start to slacken from their initial recommended torque settings will cause the wheel to run out of true, and as a result will cause the trailer tyre to wear in an uneven fashion. This may mean that, even if much of the tyre still has sufficient tread, it will require replacement much earlier than planned.

3. Ensure your trailer brakes are working correctly

Correctly-maintained trailer brakes are at the heart of safety when it comes to tractor and trailer travel on the road, protecting the tractor driver and other road users by ensuring the trailer and its load, which may well weigh more than the tractor itself, cannot push the tractor under braking. It is important to ensure, though, that they are not adjusted to tightly, such that they will lock up and abrade on the road surface, which will hasten tread wear and reduce trailer tyre life.

4. Observe and examine each tyre carcase every day

A check of trailer tyre carcase condition should be a routine part of daily maintenance, examining both sidewalls and the trailer tyre circumference. The lifespan of your trailer tyres will be prolonged if, for example, you remove stones and any other foreign objects from the channels in the trailer tyre tread as often as possible – when walking around the trailer during unloading, for example. This will minimise the chances of the stone or nail being forced deeper into the trailer tyre’s carcase and potentially penetrating sufficiently to cause a puncture.

Following these few maintenance points will help you to minimise wear rates, maximise the lifespan of your trailer tyres and ensure that your next search for ’trailer tyres for sale’ or ‘trailer tyres near me’, and your next trawl through trailer tyres’ price lists, is held off for as long as possible.