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5 Reasons Why CEAT Spraymax Tires are a Game Changer for Farmers

Mon, 24 Apr 2023 | PRODUCTS


Making the most of every spraying session starts with having all the right pieces of equipment. As a row crop farmer, you know that maximizing each and every hour in the field while minimizing downtime is essential to running a successful operation.

Did you know that your choice in tires can make or break your progress? That’s why CEAT Spraymax VF tires, designed for self-propelled sprayers, are a game changer.

  • Superb Traction and Handling: With Spraymax tires, you can rely on superior traction no matter the terrain or weather conditions. With its stepped lug design, you can count on the Spraymax VF to keep your sprayer on track instead of slip sliding away.
  • Long Lasting Durability: Not only are Spraymax tires designed to stand up to rugged conditions, but they’re also incredibly durable– meaning you can get the most out of each season without needing to replace your tires too often.
  • Outstanding Roadability: Farmers are spending more and more of their seat time on the road traveling from one field to another. A center tie bar gives this tire superior roadability, meaning the farmer is more rested and relaxed when he gets to the next field to spray.
  • VF Technology: One of the most important developments in farm tires in recent years is IF (increased flexion) and VF (very high flexion) tires. IF tires are designed to carry 20% more load than a standard radial and, alternately, carry the same load as a standard radial at 20% less pressure. VF tires, such as the Spraymax, are even more advanced with the ability to carry 40% more load or the same load with 40% less pressure. This VF technology helps minimize soil compaction and crop damage.
  • Cost-Effective: Last but not least, Spraymax VF tires are incredibly cost-effective, allowing you to get premium performance without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for reliable and innovative tires that can help maximize your crop spraying, then Spraymax VF tires may be the perfect choice for you! With superior traction, durability and less soil compaction, these game-changing tires are sure to give you the edge you need. Try them out and see why so many farmers have made the switch to CEAT!

The Spraymax provides VF technology for self-propelled sprayers.