Inflating Farm Implement Tires

In a sense, inflation pressure for Ag tires is very simple — inflate to the most demanding application.  Different tactics, however, may be necessary depending on the type of equipment and tires.

Implement Tires

Implement tires were mostly bias not so many years ago. As the implement designs continued to grow larger and larger, the gross weights also grew. These bias tires had difficulty in carrying these heavier loads, so the ply ratings were increased to try and accommodate the increased weights.

Sometimes this fixed the problem, but the “fix” was temporary. When the increased ply ratings and load carrying capacities could not keep up with increasing weights, as well as higher speeds going down the road, the addition of more tires came into play where possible.

Radial truck tires, as well as used aircraft tires, were utilized in some applications because of their higher speed ratings and load carrying capacities. These tires greatly reduced the failure rates and appeared to be a good solution.

A better solution has been the development of “IF” and “VF” technology — very attractive for this fitment due to the advantages of load carrying capacities as well as the compaction problems the previously utilized tires were creating. Implement tires with these new technologies are a very good solution for both weight carrying and compaction problems, while reducing tire failures and down time.

Spraymax VF

CEAT is pleased to offer VF technology to small and midsize farmers at an honest price with the introduction of the Spraymax VF, specially designed for self-propelled sprayers. Why should the “big boys” be the only ones to reap the benefits of VF technology, including reduced soil compaction and higher yields per acre?

Key elements of the Spraymax VF design include:

  • Stepped lug design provides better grip and traction.
  • The center tie bar delivers superior roadability.
  • Its rounded shoulders mean less soil and crop damage.
  • The higher NSD ensures longer life.

The recommended air pressures for the “IF and “VF” tires is determined by the maximum load each tire will need to carry. The speed becomes much less important as long as you keep your transport speeds at or below 40 mph. The bottom line with implement tires is to inflate to carry the load for the most demanding application and to keep your transport speeds at or below the recommended maximum for the tires you are running.


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