Quality and Availability . . . CEAT Farm Tires!

CEAT Ag tires have been in North America only four years (company is 93 years old) now, but are rapidly gaining popularity with farmers and ranchers due to product quality and availability.

According to Ryan Loethen, president of CEAT Specialty Tires Inc., the company has gained market share by focusing on logistics

CEAT team members with Millersburg Tire executives. Millersburg Tire in Ohio is one of the top CEAT tire dealers in the nation.

amid recent industrywide supply-chain disruptions.

“We’ve been able to take real positions away from competitors because we are good logisticians and we are getting our stuff in when people are starting to run out of tires, and then they realize how great (CEAT tires) really are,” Loethen said in a recent interview with Tire Business magazine.

Loethen, who has logistics experience through a longtime stint as a US Army officer, has been working closely with the logistics team in India to get CEAT farm tractor tires and implement tires into North America.

Logistics is a key factor in today’s Ag tire market, Loethen told Tire Business, given the much-publicized overseas shipping backlogs at the ports and shortages of shipping containers and trucks to transport them to their final destinations.

Getting tires imported into North America is one thing, but the other part of the equation is product quality. Once farmers give

Ryan Loethen

CEAT tires a try, they want more! CEAT has expanded radial and bias ag and OTR tire production to keep up with demand.

Loethen said farmers who may have purchased better known farm tire brands in the past are now giving CEAT a try due to product availability.

“Once farmers experience CEAT quality, they want to stay with our brand and they tell their neighbors about CEAT,” Loethen said.

“Small farmers can’t afford expensive tires, and they are missing out on all the technologies. At CEAT we have all those things. We have a VF tire, high technology, flexible sidewalls, low soil compaction. Why should just the big farmers get those? Why can’t the family farmer have those? He should be able to be profitable, too. He should be able to have that type of equipment,” Loethen said. “With CEAT, the farmer is getting less rolling resistance, better gas mileage, less soil compaction . . . all those good things that a top-tier tire gives you but not paying a top-tier price.”


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