A Closer Look at Yieldmax: Boosting Farm Productivity and Profitability

As farmers embrace advanced technologies and seek to optimize their operations, the demand for reliable farm tractor tires is expected to surge – tires like the CEAT YIELDMAX.

CEAT YIELDMAX is a new generation agricultural radial tire meant for the combine harvester market. Its main purpose is to support massive machinery and provide a higher load capacity . The CEAT YIELDMAX is engineered and designed  to ensure minimum impact on soil, which has become an increasingly large concern for North American farmers.

Features & Benefits:

The CEAT YIELDMAX features a lower lug angle around the shoulders that ensures higher traction. Sharp shoulders enable excellent grip. A higher lug angle around the center lug provides better side stability.

This high-tech Ag radial has a tough casing and rigid belt that provides all the advantages of radial construction while supporting heavy equipment and loads. It is suitable for all types of harvesting applications, like combine harvester, forage harvester and sugarcane harvester.

CEAT Ag and OTR tires have been rolling in North America for five years now and the feedback from tire dealers and their farmer customers keeps rolling in!

Brent Sisson, Agricultural Tire Specialist for Tirecraft Sarnia in Ontario, Canada, says it takes him about four years to truly evaluate an Ag tire brand. He’s been selling CEAT farm tires for five years now and is all in!

The YIELDMAX features an innovative tread pattern

“It’s about a 4-year process before I can feel confident in telling my customers I have confidence in a farm tire product,” Sisson says. “I must see it first-hand with known comparisons. CEAT is one brand that has surpassed my requirements. They provide a high quality, precision product. We have had lots of excellent customer feedback.”

“We have been very pleased with the CEAT tires,” says peanut farmer Justin Studstill, whose John Deere tractors and implements travel over a 60-mile square area in southeast Georgia.  “Our tractors spend a lot of time on the road, and the CEAT tires provide a smooth steady ride. They don’t get squirrelly like some tires do; very stable even when pulling heavy implements.”

Whether its YIELDMAX radials for harvesting machines, FARMAX tractor tire radials or other tread patterns in the CEAT Specialty line-up, the company is fulfilling its mission to offer high quality tires at a better value to North America’s farmers and ranchers.

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