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Tire Inflation Advice for Two-Wheel-Drive Tractors

Sat, 26 Jun 2021 | PRODUCTS


Most farmers have different size tractors working their land to fulfill different tasks. Different tire inflation tactics are required for each.

Looking at small two-wheel-drive tractors, if they are fitted with bias tires the approach is pretty simple. Quite often these are fitted with front-end loaders and are utilized by small land owners for many different operations. In these situations, the air pressures should be maximized (according to the equipment specs.) in the front wheel positions and likely maximized in the rear.

If you have a two-wheel-drive tractor fitted with radials, you should inflate to the most demanding application. When the tractor is fitted with a front-end loader you need to inflate the fronts to their maximum. The rears can be inflated to the most demanding application which may be less than the maximum inflation pressures.

Rear tire inflation pressures quite often are determined by the type of implement attached to the three-point hitch and its weight. Ultimately, the inflation pressure is determined by the load on each axle as well as the maximum speed.