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CEAT-sponsored Tyler Acree Headed to National Junior High Finals Rodeo

Sat, 27 May 2023 | PRODUCTS


Guest blog post by CEAT intern Hannah Loethen

Tyler Acree has done it again! He’s claimed his spot to compete calf roping at the National Junior High School Rodeo on June 18-24 in Perry, GA. However, it has not been an easy journey for Tyler.

Tyler faced and overcame some serious challenges this rodeo season. One being having to compete with an injured foot. As a result of breaking a bone in his foot, Tyler had to compete wearing a walking boot.   “I was told that I might not be able to compete at state while wearing a walking boot. Although I was stressed out, i stayed consistent at the Missouri State Junior High Rodeo both days and earned second place,” the young cowboy said.

Adjusting to competing on a different horse was another challenge. Tyler’s  horse this year has been a big change from his pony, Rocket, from last year. “Unlike competing with Rocket, this horse teaches me all the ins and outs of the sport,” Tyler says.

Although it has been a challenge to adjust to a bigger and stronger horse, Tyler and his new horse are now preparing to compete at the National Junior High School Rodeo.

As Tyler trains and prepares to compete for the nationals, he’s focusing a lot on the mental side of things. “A lot of it is really mental . . . A lot of it!  A lot of people get really worked up because the announcer is talking crazy and he’s always saying that you need to beat this time and you have to be so fast. But it’s really not that. You just got to take your shot that you have right there,” stated Tyler. His plan of action for the Georgia event is stay “composed and consistent.” Click here for brief video of Tyler.


“I would like to thank my sponsor CEAT because without them I wouldn’t have had all of these great opportunities that they have made possible. I would not be here without CEAT.”

– Tyler Acree


Tyler’s resilience and determination are inspiring. CEAT Specialty Tires cannot wait to cheer him on at the National Junior High School Rodeo.


Tyler Acree