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From Mutton Busting to Trick Riding – Tyler “Sticky Iceman” Acree Makes His Mark

Sun, 27 Jun 2021 | PRODUCTS


Get your cowboy (and cowgirl) on! CEAT Specialty Tires is sponsoring youth and professional rodeo competitions across America.

“It’s a natural fit for CEAT,” says Ryan Loethen, President of CEAT Specialty Tires North America. “We offer a comprehensive line-up of hardworking Ag radial and bias tires for getting the ranch jobs done. And speaking of ‘hardworking,’ we are extremely impressed with the work ethic and dedication rodeo competitors put into their sport.”

Case in point is CEAT-sponsored Tyler Acree of Missouri. Tyler first started riding horses at three years old after his mother safety strapped him to the saddle of his pony Hanna. Tyler had a smile from ear to ear that day and his emergence into the world of rodeo and other equestrian events began with his mother Valerie serving as his primary coach and mentor.

Tyler started mutton busting that year and by the age of five had earned the nickname “sticky iceman” for his resolve to stay on the sheep as they ran. Tyler’s grit proved itself early when he won the Missouri – Kansas (MO-KAN) mutton busting championship and was sent to Amarillo, TX, to compete at the mutton busting world finals.

As Tyler grew out of mutton busting, he and Valerie searched for their next rodeo competition. They found Pony Broncs, and Tyler excelled in this as well, eventually winning several buckles and qualifying for the Jr. National Finals in Pony Broncs in 2016.

Tyler began trick riding with Jenny Gatrel in 2017. Jenny taught Tyler how to compete in this dangerous sport and once again Tyler excelled. He performed across Missouri, in South Dakota at the Black Hills Stock Show and eventually in Oklahoma where he won the North American Trick Riding Championship 2018.

Tyler’s knowledge of horsemanship continues to grow as he has attended various clinics such as the Double Dan Reining clinic. Tyler is also taking lessons from Whitney Kincade for reining, along with calf roping lessons twice a week with Gene Crouse, who is the father of two national calf roping champions.

Through the years, Tyler has worked and trained several horses and ponies, including one set of ponies for a girl with special needs. These ponies were prone to kick and were dangerous for a young blind girl. When Tyler was done working with the set of ponies the desire to kick was gone and the ponies were safe for the young girl.

Tyler’s most trustworthy ponies are Painty, a bombproof 25 year old roping horse that has been in the family since he was bought off a ranch in South Dakota as a colt and Rocket, a 5-year-old pony cross that has trained to compete in trick riding and calf roping.

Tyler, who trains and competes most of the year, has maintained good grades and was his school’s alternate in the county spelling bee.

CEAT salutes Tyler for his hard work and awesome cowboy skills, as well as his parents George and Valerie for their outstanding support. Keep your eye out for Tyler as he continues to develop as a great young man and cowboy! Please join our Facebook and Instagram pages so you can keep up with Tyler’s exploits and our many other rodeo activities.