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The Sellers Sisters: A Legacy of Rodeo Competitors

Sat, 10 Feb 2024 | PRODUCTS


From Waurika, Oklahoma, the Sellers sisters live and breathe the world of rodeo. Charly Sellers, at 15, and Chaney Sellers, at 14, represent a new generation of riders dedicated to the ranching lifestyle and thrilling sport of rodeo. Born and raised in the saddle, each sister has embarked on their own rodeo journey filled passion, dedication and dreams in the arena.

CEAT Specialty Tires is proud to sponsor rodeo events across North America, including supporting outstanding young competitors like Charly and Chaney. Rodeo provides a great opportunity for CEAT to inform farmers and ranchers about its high-quality farm radial and bias tires and also inspiration by supporting a sport that so many folks are passionate about.

The Daily Juggle: Balancing School, Basketball and Rodeo

Charly’s and Chaney’s life is a real balancing act, where they navigate between the demands of school, basketball and their love of rodeo. In the morning before school, they tend to their horses, including feeding them BlueBonnet Energized for their daily boost. After school and basketball practice, Charly and Chaney return home to the stables, making sure their horses are cared for; then they prepare to do it all again the next day.

Meet the Sellers Sisters’ Horses

Of course, you cannot compete in rodeo without a horse, and both of the sisters have two of their own. Charly’s two four-legged partners in crime are Copper and Jordan. Copper, her 10-year-old breakaway horse, has been a part of her life since the age of five. Copper adds a playful element to their training sessions with his big personality. Her other horse, Jordan, is a 9-year-old barrel horse. Charly got him less than a year ago; he mirrors Copper’s antics and shares an equal love for people and attention.

Chaney’s partners in the arena are her remarkable horses, Burrito and Mojito. She has trained Burrito, her breakaway horse, over the years establishing a bond built on hard work and dedication. Chaney recently added Mojito, a barrel horse in the making. Mojito and Chaney are still finding their rhythm, but Chaney is determined to train Mojito to excel at barrel racing.

Friendships and Connections

For the Sellers sisters, rodeo isn’t just a sport—it’s a way of life that provides a support system and lifelong friendships made in the heat of competition. In the close-knit community of rodeo enthusiasts, they have found a group of friends that they can always count on, making every ride and every event a memorable experience.

Goals for this Year

Charly has set her sights on competing in breakaway roping and barrel racing. Her goal is to make it to nationals in breakaway roping. Despite facing a setback in barrel racing due to her horse’s temporary hiatus, Charly remains optimistic about getting back on track and leaving her mark in the arena.

Chaney is competing in barrels, breakaway, and ribbon roping this year. She has set her sights on making it to nationals competing in both ribbon roping and breakaway. With her determination, skill, and the support of her trusty horses, she is set up for success on the national stage.

A Family Legacy

Charly and Chaney come from a lineage of rodeo cowboys, with their grandfather, Buster Record, holding the title of Steer Roping World Champion. The legacy continues with her father, Jay Sellers, who once tripped steers but has now taken a step back to support his daughters in pursuing their passion. Their mother, Christy Sellers, spends countless hours helping with the animals and making sure everyone is ready to go. Their younger brother, Stony, is their biggest cheerleader.

With their dedication, dynamic duos of horses, and clear visions for national success, the Sellers sisters’ rodeo journeys are full of passion and promise. These young ladies from Waurika, and many other young rodeo competitors across America, inspire us all and make us feel good about the future of our great country.

Chaney saddling up Burrito for a workout.

Charly with her horse Copper