Washington High School Rodeo Queen Talks Rodeo & Future Plans

Guest post by CEAT intern Hannah Loethen

Beautiful ball gowns, rhinestone boots, and sparkly cowboy hats are just a small part of the National High School Rodeo Association Queen Contest. Washington’s queen, Madison Stoddard, told us how she prepared and got involved in the queen contest.

Madison is the High School Rodeo Queen for the state of Washington. Madison is 16 years old and got involved in the National High School Rodeo Association this past year. “It has been a great experience for myself and I have met plenty of really nice people,” stated Madison.

Along with the queen contest, Madison competes in barrels and poles, and she hopes to start doing breakaway this coming year. She also has competed in many jackpots and barrel races around the world.

When Madison started high school rodeo this past year, one of her mentors, Christy Gray, talked to all of the girls about having some people step up to compete in the queens contest in state finals. “I thought it would be a great opportunity and I always wanted to run for queen,” recalled Madison. “Since I started, I have met tons of great people and I have gotten more involved in my high school rodeo in Washington.”

After Madison won the Miss Washington title, she only had three weeks to prepare for nationals. In those three weeks, she and her mother had to get multiple outfits together which required them to get really creative. “We had to dye boots and pants, and find outfits that fit in that short time,” Madison recalled. “Although we were crunched for time, we had a lot of fun finding colors that look good on me and what colors I like to wear best. I also had a lot of fun writing my speech.”

Madison (right) with the high school rodeo queen for Illinios

In the queen contest, each contestant has to deliver a two-minute speech. Madison’s speech was about her great grandpa and how she started riding at only three years old. She started out riding her great grandpa‘s old ranch horse named Copper. “My speech went on to talk about how I rode the little devil pony named Elvis at the farm that no one could touch,” she said. “My great grandpa taught me some great words of wisdom . . . if I could ride the pony that no one else could ride, then I could ride anything. From then on, those words became the motto for my life.”

One memory that has stuck with Madison is when her doctors told her that she could indeed ride horses. “I struggle with focal complex seizures and when I was told I could ride I went for it,” exclaimed Madison. “And from there I started learning how to ride horses and started training my current barrel horse.” Madison’s barrel horse is her “best friend” and she has taught him everything he knows.

“The NHSRA experience has really helped my confidence. Everyone is at a different level, especially in barrel racing,” stated Madsion. “All these girls have very fast horses and it doesn’t matter how fast your horse can go, it matters how well you run your pattern.”

Madison’s biggest goal is to make it to the NFR. With her being in the NHSRA and barrel racing alongside these girls, it has taught her that the competitiveness is intense.

“A huge part of a rodeo queen’s job is to do grand entries. Grand entries show all of our sponsor flag. I would like to say a huge thank you to CEAT for their sponsorship,” concluded Madison.

CEAT Specialty Tires began sponsoring rodeo three years ago to promote its farm tractor tires to farmers and ranchers across America. The tire company, which has been in North America for five years now, is the “Official Ag Tire Sponsor and Exclusive Category Event and Broadcast Partner” of the World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA), Women’s Rodeo World Championship (WRWC) and the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA).

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