Radial or Bias Ag Tires?

It begins with answering these questions: What is your application? What is your needed load carrying capacity? Is compaction a concern? What is your timeline?

  • Friday July 29, 2022
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Top 5 Mistakes Farmers Make When Choosing Tractor Tires

Farm tractor tires are a major investment for farmers and ranchers. The stakes are even higher these days with input costs, such as fertilizer, increasing exponentially! You most certainly want to avoid making the wrong decision on the type of farm tractor tire or brand you purchase. Here’s some key questions to begin with: What […]

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  • Monday July 25, 2022
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Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Sprayer Tires

Tractor tires and sprayer tires are sometimes used interchangeably, but you need to be aware of the differences. Here are the top 5 tips for choosing the right sprayer tires: Is it a tire specially designed for sprayers or a tractor tire that happens to come in a size for your sprayer? A tire purpose-built […]

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  • Monday July 18, 2022
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CEAT Sponsoring Junior Rodeo Competitor Tyler Acree

Guest blog post by CEAT intern Hannah Loethen At the early age of three, Tyler Acree was strapped on a pony and rode for hours. “I would ride until I fell asleep on the pony, and I would never ride without my sippy cup,” Tyler recalled. Today, Tyler and his pony Rocket are turning heads […]

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  • Tuesday July 05, 2022
  • Technology

How New Tractor Tire Technology Can Help Your Farm

Today’s farm tractor tires are marvels of modern engineering with companies like CEAT Specialty Tires spending millions to develop tires that provide dependable traction in the field, smooth ride on the road and long tread wear. The first task at CEAT is understanding the needs of farmers and ranchers, the terrain they work on, and […]

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  • Friday July 01, 2022
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The Low Down on Farm Tractor Tires

The purchase of tractor tires is one of the most important decisions farmers and ranchers will make. A tractor tire that is right for the application and delivers on key benefits such as traction, roadability and tread wear can greatly enhance farm productivity and lower operating costs. Key facts about farm tractor tires: Tractors vary […]

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  • Monday June 27, 2022
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Why a Tractor Tire’s Tread Pattern is Essential

A farm tire’s ability to deliver traction is a big factor in its overall performance. A tractor tire providing good traction increases the tractor’s productivity and reduces the tractor’s fuel consumption. It can also minimize slipping and sliding which reduces efficiency, burns more fuel and can tear up a field which has all sorts of […]

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