Radial or Bias Ag Tires?

It begins with answering these questions: What is your application? What is your needed load carrying capacity? Is compaction a concern? What is your timeline?

  • Saturday February 10, 2024
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The Sellers Sisters: A Legacy of Rodeo Competitors

From Waurika, Oklahoma, the Sellers sisters live and breathe the world of rodeo. Charly Sellers, at 15, and Chaney Sellers, at 14, represent a new generation of riders dedicated to the ranching lifestyle and thrilling sport of rodeo. Born and raised in the saddle, each sister has embarked on their own rodeo journey filled passion, […]

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  • Sunday January 28, 2024
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Important Farm Tire Definitions to Know

When you’re looking to purchase farm tractor tires, it is good to understand the key definitions so you can have a productive, informed discussion with your local tire dealer. Here are some important definitions you need to know to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs: 1. Bias Construction — bias ply […]

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  • Tuesday January 23, 2024
  • Technology

Transforming Agriculture: Ag Tech Innovations and Cutting-Edge Tires for Increased Productivity

The agricultural landscape is undergoing a transformative phase, driven by a convergence of AgTech innovations and cutting-edge tire technologies. In 2023, the agricultural sector faced challenges and embraced advancements to adapt to extreme weather events and supply chain disruptions. Concurrently, innovative companies, including farm tire manufacturer CEAT Specialty, pushed the technology envelope to ensure increased […]

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  • Friday January 19, 2024
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Flotation Tires Growing in Use as Ag Equipment Grows in Size

Flotation tires are being used more and more on North American farms because of the increasing weight of the equipment and wagons and the load carrying capacities needed. Rather than digging and clawing through terrain, flotation tires conquer difficult loose terrain primarily by expanding the tire’s contact patch and “floating” on top of the surface. […]

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  • Monday January 15, 2024
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Ohio Dealer Excelling with new CEAT Flotation Tire

Brad Schmucker, owner of Millersburg Tire Service in Ohio, knew there was demand for a quality high speed radial flotation tire in his market. There were a couple offerings in the market by other manufacturers, but Schmucker felt that there could be an improvement. According to John Miller of Millersburg Tire Service, “We mentioned to […]

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  • Tuesday January 09, 2024
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CEAT Brand Showcased in Rodeo at the Lazy E Arena in Oklahoma

As a sponsor of the WCRA (World Champions Rodeo Alliance), CEAT Specialty received great brand exposure at the recent WCRA Triple Crown event at the Lazy E Arena in Edmond, OK. Exposure included: Brand logo signs throughout the spacious arena. CEAT Tire Roll pitting two contestants in a timed contest. CEAT sponsored Kiss Cam where […]

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